Reusable Storage Bags, Set of 6
Displace disposable Baggies! One bag displaces up to 300 plastic baggies. Set includes 6 leak-proof storage bags. DITCH DISPOSABLE BAGGIES! This set of (2) half gallon bags, (2) sandwich bags, and (2) snack bags are perfect for all your food storage needs: from...
On-the-Go Cutlery Set
Set includes stainless steel fork, knife, spoon and plastic travel case Eco-friendly, reusable design reduces plastic waste Includes a plastic carry case with magnetic closure Plastic case and utensils are dishwasher safe and easy to clean ECO ON-THE-GO Reduce the...
Stainless/Silicone Reusable Straws - Set of 4
Clean, Safe, Green - Made of BPA-free food grade stainless steel with removable silicone tips. Easy to clean - All parts are dishwasher safe. Set includes a soft brush for easy cleaning.  Ditch Disposable - Bring these stainless steel straws...
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