Ello Duraglass™ Round Meal Prep Containers, Set of 5
  ROUND OUT YOUR LUNCH Equip your kitchen with the Ello Duraglass™ 10pc Round Food Storage Container Set. This set of five glass containers comes with airtight locking lids so you can keep your food fresh for much longer.These containers...
Duraglass™ 3 Cup Round Food Storage Container
MAKE FOOD STORAGE FUN! The Ello Duraglass™ 3 Cup Round glass food storage container is perfect for Mason jar meals, layered salads and overnight oats. Ello Duraglass™ features a leak-proof lid and an extra thick silicone sleeve that protects the...
Plastic Food Storage Divided Containers, Set of 2
MAKE FOOD STORAGE FUN! Step up your plastic storage with the Ello 4pc Plastic Food Storage Container Set. Each set includes 2 leak-proof plastic containers with built in dividers to prevent food from mixing together or changing tastes. Color matching...
4 Cup Stainless Meal Prep Container
ECO-FRIENDLY. WON’T STAIN.  The Ello 4 Cup Stainless Steel Food Storage container adds a pop of color to the kitchen! Single wall stainless steel with durable powder coat paint will resist the chips that the dings usually bring. Rounded corners...
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